Describe the geography of London and Westminster in about 1500?

To get a good grade here, you must answer the questions comprehensively but succinctly; that is, you must cover the important points but not waste space on irrelevancies, repetitions, or waffle. You must show that you have done and understood the reading, and listened to and understood the class material. You must take care with your writing and your presentation; I expect precise and correct English, references to sources in appropriate academic format, careful proofreading and presentation.

To get a grade in the B range you should

Submit your work on time and in the right format
Answer the questions asked
Have a clear introduction and conclusion
Avoid digression and irrelevancy
Include all the most important points
Organize your answers clearly and logically
Support generalizations with specific evidence
Show you have done and understood the relevant required reading
Show that you have paid attention in class
Use precise language
Use correct grammar, syntax, spelling, punctuation
Present your work attractively
To get a grade in the A range, you should also

Show evidence of further reading or other research
Show originality of thought or unusual depth of insight
Surprise or inform me
Write with elegance and flair

Here are the questions:

1 How did the mindset of Londoners differ from that of other English people in the 1500s?
2 Describe the geography of London and Westminster in about 1500? What was the basic layout of the city? What were its most important landmarks?
3 How did the Reformation change life in London?
4 In what ways was the Royal Exchange an important development in London’s economic life?
5 Describe the role of the Thames in London life in the 1500’s.

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