Describe the main assumptions of Robert K. Mertons Theory of Anomie.

Brief, and or incomplete essays will not fare well, nor will those with what appear to be good length but when reading it one concludes there is a lot of fluff (e.g., no and or little critical thought and or simply restating facts). Again I am looking for graduate level work/responses (e.g., making sense of the material, applying it to the real world, connecting the dots of what might appear to be unrelated data, etc). In short, critical thought is paramount and why I opted to make this exam non-timed. 2. Like content, adherence to, APA formatting (to include full references and in-text citations where appropriate), spelling (stated earlier above so this must be important), in-text citations, and word structure are all very important in your essay responses. Each essay needs to be 750 words or a little more There are a total of 4 essay questions 1. essay question Question 1 of 4 25.0 Points First list and describe the main assumptions of Robert K. Mertons Theory of Anomie. Then using this theory, explain why in your view white collar crime occurs/exists. Please make sure to fully defend your “supported” view regarding this question. 2. Essay question Question 2 of 4 25.0 Points “What are Chicago’s Concentric Zones” and “how might they be used to explain the public’s fear of crime?” 3. essay question Question 3 of 4 25.0 Points What is Peacemaking Criminology and how is it used within today’s criminal justice system. As part of your response, pls defend your view as it regards whether or not Peacemaking Criminology should be used. Pls be specific and use literature to support your arguments. 4. essay question Question 4 of 4 25.0 Points What are some likely future crimes, and how will future criminal activity differ from criminal activity today? As part of your response pls be sure to include what criminal justice practitioners should do to address these future crimes. Thank you I need this by Friday so I have time to add and review i

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