Describe the role of research participants in the field of psychology.

This assignment explores the similarities and differences between the survey and the experimental methods of research as they are used in the field of biopsychology.


Describe the survey method as it is used in psychology.

Describe the experimental method as it is used in psychology.

Describe the role of research participants in the field of psychology.

Examine the biological basis of behavior.


Write a 2 page paper on the following:

Biopsychology is an expanding area within the field of psychology. Biopsychology helps us to understand how the brain and genetic components impact the various psychological issues humans can experience.

Compare the survey and experimental methods as they are used in the field of biopsychology, focus on age and gender. (Note these will be two separate pieces of research you will be using to write your paper.)
Use the internet, library resources, your textbook, and other resources to find information on the survey method and the experimental method of research. Look for the goals, methods, participants, and scenarios where each method is used. Document your findings. Key search terms may include: biological, genetic, predisposition.

Write a 2-page paper.
Based on the findings from Step 1, write a 2-page paper summarizing the research on age and gender through the survey and experimental method. At the end of your paper, create a small table comparing and contrasting the two methods.

Include in the summary:

The goal of the research

Method used for research

Participants of the study

Findings of the study

** For example: Student Suzie wants to research gender differences in alcoholism. She would complete a review of the literature using keywords/phrases such as Survey method used to determine gender differences in the behavior of alcoholics. For the second page of Suzies paper she will want to focus on the experimental method and age. She could use keywords or phrases such as Experimental methods used in the effects of alcohol on the brain by age of the participant.

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