Determine the objective function. What does it represent?

The number of TV ads cannot be more than 4. Each of the media must have at least two ads. The total number of Magazine ads and Newspaper ads must be more than the total number of Radio ads and TV ads. There must be at least a total of 12 ads. The advertising budget is $50,000. The objective is to maximize the total number reached.

Formulate a linear programming model for the above situation by determining

(a) The decision variables

(b) Determine the objective function. What does it represent?

(c) Determine all the constraints. Briefly describe what each constraint represents.

Note: Do NOT solve the problem after formulating.

4. The Charm City Vacuum Company wants to assign three salespersons to three sales regions. Given their experiences, the salespersons are able to cover the regions in different amounts of time. The amount of time (days) required by each salesperson to cover each region is shown in the followin

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