Determine what the population for your data will be and how to collect it.

This is a paper required for a Quantitative Literacy class. 1) Select a question about ART that will get interesting answers. 2) State a hypothesis you want to test. 3) Determine what the population for your data will be and how to collect it. Must have at least 50 data values. 4) Analyze your data using descriptive statistics. 5) Organize your results into a clear and concise report. All statistical terms and symbols must be expressed in layman’s terms. It must be well organized. Appearance will be graded as well as content. The actual calculations may be shown throughout the report or as a separate appendix attached to the end of the report. 1. Introduction – this should explain the reason for the report and a general outline of what is to be done. 2. Analysis – this will consist of descriptive and inferential analysis. 3. Conclusion – this should consist of a summary with final remarks. Also, present your findings to support the converse of the outcome. Graph the data using a frequency distribution table stem and leaf plot and a histogram

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