Development Plan – 2 pages

You should make up the information, make it still in Houston, Texas. 2 pages Total.For your major project you will need to find a mentor. This can be found by being involved in the American Accounting Society, Houston Air Cargo Association, any other professional organization, in your current business environment, a former professor, or a key individual that can help guide you to success into the future. This individual should be a person who you strive to imitate in their professionalism, career, or position sometime in the future.I would like you to meet with them AFTER you create a professional development plan. This plan should constitute initiatives that you wish to gain and deadlines to complete them. In the long run, this should help develop a lasting relationship with your mentor and someone that you can call upon in business situations/ tribulations. Your plan should also include your meeting date with your mentor. This portion of the assignment can be a calendar of events, chart, or anything that will help you meet your educational and business goals.In addition- you will need to find a colleague/ classmate peer to network with. Please meet with them, then write a one-page paper about how you plan on leveraging this relationship into the future. It should state the person\’s education, expertise, and knowledge about something that is not as familiar to yourself. This individual will hopefully become another individual you can call upon into the future. —Let me know what you need from me-

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