Differentiate between restorative justice and retributive justice.

Differentiate between restorative justice and retributive justice. Provide examples. Which does the justice system use today?

Question 2

Compare and contrast the UCR and the NCVS.

Question 3

Name five differences and five similarities between the juvenile justice system and the criminal justice system. Overall, are they more similar or different? Support your answer.

Question 4

Compare and contrast the juvenile rights period with the juvenile court period.

Question 5

Discuss the Gault decision and the ramifications of the decision on the juvenile justice system.

Question 6

Differentiate between classical theory and positivist theories.

Question 7

Discuss the nature vs. nurture conflict and explain these opposing views on the cause of delinquency.

Question 8

Differentiate between the function of punishment and the purpose of law according to the Durkheimian and Marxist perspectives.

Question 9

Discuss the two competing world views regarding the cause of delinquency that have existed over the centuries. What are the important concepts of each view?

Question 10

Discuss the key aspects of adolescent development.

Question 11

Differentiate between the five risk and protective factors. Provide examples.

Question 12

What characteristics are present when delinquency is the highest? Why?

Question 13

Discuss the three developmental pathways to delinquency to include the behaviors associated with each.

Question 14

Differentiate between the three levels of child maltreatment.

Question 15

Why are prevention and intervention programs important? What has been shown to be most effective in reducing delinquency?

Question 16

Who sits on the CALEA commission?

A. politicians

B. patrol officers

C. local school principals

D. all of the above

Question 17

What are some of the services provided by a coroner?

Question 18

Explain some of the ways in which police discretion is monitored.

Question 19

Public safety on Indian reservations is the primary responsibility of local and tribal law enforcement.



Question 20

Explain the broken windows metaphor.

Question 21

What is one avenue in which the increased threat of terrorism has impacted police approaches?

A. intervention techniques for dealing with suspects

B. improved radio frequencies

C. use of more varied patrol techniques (foot, bike, car, motorcycle)

D. none of the above

Question 22

Which of the following legal powers are given to police?

A. right to strike

B. right to use lethal force

C. right to protest

D. all of the above

Question 23

Studies show that people choose policing as a career for which reason?

A. To help people

B. For job security

C. Fight crime

D. All of the above

Question 24

What do critics allege is the real purpose or intent of police?

A. protection of the public

B. guard the interests of the privileged

C. make more money for themselves

D. control the upper class

Question 25

Many state highway patrols divisions investigate:

A. missing persons reports

B. drug interdiction

C. organized crime

D. all of the above

Question 26

Due to changes in the legal environment over the last couple of decades, police are more likely to be what?

A. promoted to higher pay grades

B. commended for their bravery

C. defendants in a lawsuit

D. members of religious organizations

Question 27

List 5 types of informal social controls that were used in primitive civilizations.

Question 28

Hierarchy of command is also known as:

A. top-down authority

B. cooperative management

C. diminished responsibility

D. all of the above

Question 29

Which types of programs are typically offered by law enforcement agencies on college campuses?

A. drug and alcohol abuse

B. general crime prevention

C. rape prevention

D. all of the above

Question 30

Policing strategies adopted from a broken windows perspective can be described as:

A. passive

B. aggressive

C. permissive

D. inactiv

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