Differentiate various forms of graphical modeling methods used in health analytic s.

15 slides with at least 150 words of speaker notes per slide

You have been asked to provide training for the newly hired staff of the oncology department. Prepare a PowerPoint presentation that you will use in your training. The presentation must cover the following:

Section 1: Queries

Creating, appending, updating, and deleting table queries
How queries can be used as a data source
How to locate duplicate records
Using sub queries as a criteria
The use of selecting criteria (e.g., comparison operators, limiting row and pattern matching)

Section 2: The Need for Data Warehousing

Using the library and Internet, search for information about the need for data warehousing. Additionally, consider how different approaches toward collecting data warehouse requirements help organizations in their decision-making processes.

From your research, identify the needs, basic elements, and trends in data warehousing.
Discuss how approaches to collecting data warehouse requirements can help the chosen organization in the decision-making process.
Why would this collection of data warehouse requirements help the organization?

Describe characteristics of applications and technology infrastructures commonly used in healthcare (e.g., clinical, administrative, financial).

Employ comparative analysis strategies (e.g., indicators, benchmarks, budgets, systems, performance) using business intelligence tools.

Plan, design, build, and populate a successful Data Warehouse (DW).

Differentiate various forms of graphical modeling methods used in health analytic s.

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