Discuss how an individual’s life experiences may result in them having secure, anxious/ambivalent, and avoid ant attachments to others.

n Chapter 8, Yarber and Sayad (2012) discuss Love and Communication in Intimate
Relationships. Using the information presented in this chapter, please respond to the
following questions:
First, briefly define attachment, and the different types of attachment (secure,
anxious/ambivalent, and avoidant). Then, discuss how an individual’s life experiences
may result in them having secure, anxious/ambivalent, and avoidant attachments to
others. Then, discuss how these attachment styles may differentially impact love,
sexuality, and commitment. For example, which attachment style do you think may be
more associated with jealousy or a certain style of love like mania? Do you think couples
with individuals who have certain attachment styles may fare better than others? Please
ensure that you use any relevant terminology (e.g., jealousy, unrequited love,
communication, different styles of love, etc.). Conclude your paper by briefly

You must use your textbook to write your paper, although you do not need to
use any outside references. If you choose to use outside sources in addition to your textbook,
please contact me for approval. All definitions, terms, and information used from the text must
be paraphrased in your own words. Copying text directly from the book is plagiarism.
Plagiarism, as indicated in your syllabus, has serious consequences. Your paper should be
between 4 -5 pages double-spaced in 12-point Times New Roman font. Make sure you have an
introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion. Refer to the rubric for further instruction.
Contact me if you have any questions. Papers must be submitted via the Turnitin link on
Blackboard. Late submissions will receive a zero

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