Discuss methods, data and results of several published research papers in the area of your work.

The research will focus on a country’s interest (can be Canada but mostly will be a developing country) and domestic investment (or a company). And analyze how and how long a positive interest will affect its investment, and also the reason of changing interest rate. As an investor, should be knowing that interest rates play an important role in how we put a price on stocks.

1. Abstract. Here you summarize your total paper briefly in a single paragraph. Objective, method, major findings – NO equation or detailed discussion.

2. Introduction. In this section you discuss what you are doing and why your work is important. In the end, a paragraph with your main findings is a must. This section is typically no longer than two pages.

3. Literature review. Discuss methods, data and results of several published research papers in the area of your work. Also explain how your work is important and different from those work. Around two pages is okay.

4. Data and Methodology. Clearly indicate type of data you are using and the source(s) of data. Detail the methodologies you would use in the paper. If you use multiple methods, all needed to be clearly elaborated with necessary equation and explanation.

5. Results and discussions. This is important that you explain your findings in detail and indicate that they are reasonable and realistic. If you have performed any hypothesis testing explain them. You must show your results in tables or graphs labeling serial number and titles. Large table can be attached in an appendix (Please don’t attach any data set with your paper).

6. Conclusion. This section summarize your forecasting results and you acknowledge constraints you have faced during your research work, e.g., methods, data. Based on that you indicate future research directions. This section should not be more than two paged long.

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