Discuss the accuracy of this statement in relation to void, voidable, and discharged contracts.

Required Task
You are required to produce an essay of 2500 words demonstrating you have met Learning Outcomes 1, 4, 6 and 7.
Module Learning Outcomes

1. Understand the main areas of contract law and be able to describe and discuss the historical, theoretical and practical contexts in which they operate
4. Recognise the circumstances in which the Courts or Parliament will interfere with the freedom of the parties to make their own contractual arrangements upon their own terms
6. Apply the law regarding the vitiating factors with the ability to explain their effect on agreements
7. Identify where a contract has been discharged and apply the remedies for breach of contract

Assignment Brief
“There are many ways in which an apparently valid contract can be avoided or brought to an end. In such circumstances the law tries to preserve the expectations of the parties at the time they entered the contract.”
Discuss the accuracy of this statement in relation to void, voidable, and discharged contracts.


Requirement 1: Length and Structure of Essay

• Produce a written response of no more than 2500 words. The word count must be included on your submission.
• Your essay must include a title, a main body and a conclusion
• You may use subheadings in this submission

Requirement 2: Conclusion

• Refer to question
• Appropriate conclusion (overall summary)

Requirement 3: Presentation

• Include references
• Include a bibliography
• Logically presented in paragraphs
• No bullet points, always written in full sentences

Guidance notes and considerations

You will be introduced to a range of resources available and will be given the opportunity to practice researching case authority, however, it is important you continually update your action plan in your PDP to track your progress and identify areas for improvement.
Criteria for Assessment

Your work will be marked against the following criteria (for further details see attached grid):
• Depth of Knowledge (30%)
o How well do you show that you know the subject and in what depth and detail
• Application of Theory (30%)
o How well you can apply the content you have learnt during the course to the brief given
• Critical Analysis (30%)
o How well you show you have weighed up options, why you have chosen what you’ve chosen and how well you explain your reasoning
• Academic Rigour (10%)
o Your grammar, spelling, punctuation, referencing and following of academic writing criteria at undergraduate level (level 4)

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