Discuss which indicators are being met, and which ones are not being met in the district.

Schools are complex organizations with many moving parts. Over the years, several initiatives have been executed to identify factors that are characteristic of schools that exhibit strong and effective academic programs. For this assignment, you are asked to review the effective school indicators (e.g., positive school-home relations, a safe and orderly environment, etc.) as described on pages 308-310 of your course text.

Select a school district and develop a checklist of effective school indicators listed on page 310 of your course text, and discuss which indicators are being met, and which ones are not being met in the district.


Effective School Indicators Yes No
Remedial tutorial programs in basic subjects are offered before and after school
Student daily suspension rates are below 2% of the population


You might create a chart that depicts the current state of the school or district and identify what areas require improvement:

Percent of students passing in each subject area

Information may be available on the district website, through the state department of education, or you may need to call and interview a district office official (e.g. superintendent, assistant superintendent, director of assessment, curriculum director, building administrator) to inquire about the degree to which indicators are evident/absent, or to inquire where you can obtain information on these indicators.

Create an eight- to ten-slide PowerPoint presentation conveying the results of your investigation using either option mentioned above. One slide must represent your data collection (either chart or graph). Also, identify one deficient area and recommend one policy that could be implemented to address that deficiency and help the district improve in that area.

In addition to your PowerPoint presentation slides, you should create talking points on the slides, and use the speaker notes to expand on what you found in your investigation. Please include copious details in your speaker notes to support the information provided in each slide.

Be sure to include at least one scholarly source in addition to your textbook. Cite the sources of your information both within the text of the presentation and on the final reference slide in the presentation, using APA format as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center.

Carefully review the Grading Rubric for the criteria that will be used to evaluate your assignment

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