Discussion 2

Consider the following policy proposal put forth to deal with drunk driving in the video below as presented in this local news story: http://www.mefeedia.com/news/31817420.
The new law essentially creates a ten-day mandatory minimum for a second offense and a two-month minimum for the third offense. Like many other drunk-driving laws, it increases the penalties associated with this crime and to some extent increases the certainty in which convicted drivers will be sentenced to some jail time.
Do you think this proposal will prevent people from drinking and driving? In other words, do you think it will act as a deterrent? What recommendations would you make to improve the initiative?
Base your responses on your understanding of rational choice and deterrence theory. Consider the major assumptions, strengths and limitations, and evidence from the text about the theory. Start with a strong position supporting or opposing the law; use follow-up posts to debate positions or further advance your own.

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