Do you think they performed as well as they could have under the circumstances?

Read The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down Ch 8-11 by Anne Fadiman

1. Please respond to ONE of the following questions:

A. Sukey explained that the Hmong do not distinguish between mental and physical illness; that everything is a spiritual problem (p. 95). Do you believe spirituality and religion have an important place in medicine? Explain and provide support for your answer.

B. Status and authority are a barrier to connecting with the Hmong on an intimate level (p. 96). Relate an experience you have had in your own life in which you struggled to “connect” with someone to those the health care providers had in the book. How did you overcome it?

C. How did the EMT’s and the doctors respond to what Neil referred to as Lia’s “big one”? Do you think they performed as well as they could have under the circumstances?


2- Directions:

1. Read one of the following Articles (See “Readings” under the Week 3 Overview page):

Dietary Acculturation
Food Matters

2. Post your answer the following question:

What do you think is one of the most important concepts in the article you read.

” Do two separate discussions for each suject ”

” 300 words each discussion

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