Does the firm have any problem areas that you would investigate further if you were a manager?

Perform Financial Statement Analysis

Ratio analysis can provide both internal and external users with a tremendous amount of information

about firm performance. Select a publicly traded firm from the list below. Conduct a ratio analysis of

the firm and report your findings.




eral Motors

Ford Motor Company




Complete a ratio analysis on the company for three years. Include the ratio, its results and what the

results mean for the company. Were there changes in the ratios, what could have caused the


(Liquidity ratios, profitability ratios, activity ratios, and market ratios).

The paper should include an individual evaluation section for each ratio then an overall comparison to

validate your conclusion.

Once the ratio analysis is completed answer

the following questions.


Does the firm have any problem areas that you would investigate further if you were a



Are there any other specific pieces of information that you would request from your

management team with regards to this firm? If so, why?


Would you invest money in this firm based on your analysis?


Your paper should use correct APA forma

tting for your in

text citations to justify your discussion and

place references at the bottom of the paper. Avoid using quotations, you should paraphrase the

material and use an in

text citation to give credit to the reference.

Include in your final paper:

Cover page

with each team


name that participated on the team project




Reference page

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