What are some of the employee and legal considerations that you need to consider before you schedule your officers?

You are a newly promoted manager for a medium-sized, locally operated security company. The owner of the company recently elevated you to your new position to place you as a security director in a large hotel and convention center for which the security company recently received a contract to provide full 24-hour security services. The owner of the security company advises you that the hotel and convention center were funded by private as well as university funding, and the structure is located on the campus of a large university in your town.

Because of this unique ownership situation, there are three parties with interests in security matters inside the facility and in the surrounding property: the management company; the university; and now, your security organization. You are also advised by the owner that you will be working closely with campus law enforcement who will provide security primarily on an as-needed basis for the facility and the outer perimeter of the building. Because this is a unique situation that your security manager has not previously faced, he has asked you to come up with a management plan and present it to him within the next week. Your manager did provide you with a list of areas toward which he felt you needed to focus your primary efforts.

Assignment Guidelines


Provide a document of 300 words detailing the hiring process that you will use to select personnel for your facility.

You will not utilize the normal hiring process of your company; instead, you will hire people directly for that facility as per the management agreement.

In this document, you will advise on the following:

How you will recruit personnel

The standards and qualifications that individuals should meet

Any pre-employment background investigations, screening, or testing that will be done

Any important legal issues in the recruitment and selection process that you need to be concerned with

Shift Scheduling

To provide 24-hour coverage for the facility, you have initially been provided with the authority to hire 12 security officers.

In your response, you will devise an example of 200 words of a schedule that you can utilize to provide 24-hour coverage for the facility.

The schedule can be completed as a Microsoft Word table or any other type of format, with the days and hours of coverage and the number of officers per shift given in the example.

By contract, you are required to have at least 2 people on the property between the hours of 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Beyond that requirement, it is left up to you to cover the remaining shifts.

Answer the following question:

What are some of the employee and legal considerations that you need to consider before you schedule your officers?

Given a choice of an 8-hour shift, a 10-hour shift, or a 12-hour shift, which would be most beneficial to you to provide the coverage needed at the facility?

Relations With University Police and Other Challenges

Relations between law enforcement and security can sometimes be strained. This is primarily because the goals of each entity are not necessarily identical.

In 300 words, provide your manager with a plan for how you will engage the University Police Department (UPD) to facilitate your relationship with the department and its officers.

This is going to require that you meet on a regular basis with the UPD to ensure that things are running smoothly.

Answer the following questions:

How will your understanding of the history of private security play a role in your communications with the UPD?

As a supervisor, how do you see your role in promoting this positive relationship?

What type of joint training programs do you see as being useful between your department and the UPD?

What are some of the other types of challenges that you foresee that might affect your relationship with the UPD? What steps will you take to negate or minimize these challenges?

Compile the 3 above sections into your final submission. Be sure to reference all sources using APA style

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