English Literature Written Assignment (on Baudelaire)

TOPIC: \”To what extent does Baudelaire bring into verse the banal, the prosaic and the disgusting into his poems?\” as the one suggested by you is too broad. The client would prefer if you use the poems from the book \”The Flowers of Evil\”, namely \”The man and the sea\”, \”Poison\” and \”The carcus\”.
1200 words (previous work is attached)
But this needs to be a descriptive paper It can\’t have general descriptions. It needs to have direct evidence from each poem justifying the paper\’s statement. To what extent does Baudelaire give a poetic function to the banal, prosaic and the disgusting through his poetry?Here\’s a link explaining what is needed to be written: http://keystotheib.com/assessments/english-ias/written-assignment/
Assessment criteria is attched.

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