Environmental ethics

Final Paper/Project – See the syllabus for complete details.
See the syllabus for details regarding your final paper/final project. Note that it does not have to be in the format of a final research paper. If you like, you can propose a different format, such as a PowerPoint presentation or some kind of a multimedia presentation. Most students do write a final paper, but you have the option of proposing a different format. If you do write a final paper, you may use any of your writing from your forum posts and or journal entries and include them in your paper as appropriate to your particular case study or topic.
Special note: you are not limited to our textbook Sustainability. You may review any materials in our Course Guide for potential case studies or topics. Additionally, you may propose any case study or topic that you are interested in… Many students propose topics that are of particular interest to them, and/or that they have some prior academic or work experience with, or relate to their ideal future vocation. It is best to communicate with the Instructor regarding ideas and possible modifications/changes after Week 5, which can be done via the Messages section of our classroom. Please see the Supporting Materials for the complete rubric (this Sakai textbox cannot show the entire rubric which has multiple columns)
PHIL 320 – Final paper/project
Content 12 points
Final Paper/Project (15% of your grade).
Papers should be between 1250-1500 words, 12 point font, double-spaced, and formatted in the MLA Style. For your paper, you may use your previously written material in your Forums A and B. You may use a case study from our textbook Sustainability, or other case studies from our Course Guide or other online resources. If you choose an established case study, you can summarize it with proper reference. You do not have to write your own case study, but you can focus on a particular event or topic or area of research, and write your own case study if you wish. You should apply one of the environmental ethical theories we have studied in this course to the topic. Papers can address either theoretical issues or practical concerns. The paper will be evaluated on form as well as content. It should be clearly written, well organized, and free of spelling and grammatical errors. Sources used in research must be included in the bibliography. References must be supplied for all quotations and also for any idea, insights, or viewpoints you incorporate from reading the work of others. The paper is due at the end of Week 8.

Excellent answers present ideas logically and clearly. The ideas demonstrate the writers mastery of the issues considered based on the reading of the text. Each question answered demonstrates thoughtful consideration of the question and answers are supported by coherent arguments. Some originality of thought and expression is shown.
The above average essay presents ideas in a logical, orderly, and persuasive discussion. The ideas demonstrate that the writer has read accurately and engaged the text enthusiastically.

An average essay presents clear ideas in a logical and orderly discussion. The ideas demonstrate that the writer has read the text accurately and has thought about it.

Writing Mechanics
3 Points


Thesis and Support





15 Points
Overall Comments:

If you choose to a power point presentation as your final project, see the grading rubric below.
PHIL320 Environmental Ethics: Project Presentation Grading Rubric
Complete a project in power point or prezi or other audio-visual format that addresses a particular topic or case study with an environmental ethic or other ethic or theory of morality. The presentation should be about 30 minutes long when given.

Points Earned
Points Possible
Presentation is of the proper length
Presentation incorporates visual aids and graphics and/or audio-video components and generally follows the best practices for presentations.
Presentation content is adequate and accurate, either through speakers notes or another format, and follows MLA standards for citations and references.
Late Penalty (10% per day – cannot exceed four days)

Comments: –

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