Essay 1. Film Theory 1
After screening Bull Durham (starring Kevin Costner), and The Natural (starring Robert Redford) write an essay that relates each theoretical perspective from Giannetti, Chapter 11 (theories include: 1. Realism, 2. Formalism, 3. Eclectic & Synthetic, and 4. Structuralism & Semioti)c to how you could use each perspective to study Bull Durham and The Natural. (DO NOT include Historiography)
Include a brief definition of each theory from Giannetti and use a different sub-heading for each theoretical perspective. If you think a theoretical perspective cannot be applied to one or the other film, then your discussion should address why that theory does not apply.
Identify and discuss the theoretical perspective (realism, formalism, eclectic & synthetic, structuralism & semiotic or historiography) that dominates the analysis of The Natural by Wood & Pincus in chapter 1 of Reel Baseball in the closing paragraph. Therefore, this assignment includes the following components (introduction, the five theories, Reel Baseball’s theoretical perspective and concluding remarks).

Preparation for this essay includes (recommended order): reading Chapter 1, Reel Baseball and Chapter 11, Understanding Movies; Chapter 1, Stars, Stripes and Diamonds; screening Bull Durham and The Natural; writing your first draft of the essay; editing your essay; finalizing the essay, submitting the essay to me via Sakai’s “Assignments” under “The Rookie.” As always, a bibliography and filmography are expected.

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