Essay drama analysis

My ONE ELEMENT: IRONY to convey MY THEME: too much pride will lead to miserable downfall.800+ words and a Works Cited page; follow MLA formatting guidelines.
Cite and document your sources correctly.
Important Information regarding grading:If your paper has more than 4 major errors per page, it will not receive a passing grade.
If your final draft contains any plagiarism, it will receive a zero.MY THESIS: In the tragedy “Oedipus the King” (c. 430 B.C.), Sophocles utilizes dramatic, verbal, and situational irony to depict how Oedipus’ excessive pride deceives him and leads to his miserable downfall.My 3 topic sentences:First of all, Sophocles uses dramatic irony to describe that Oedipus is too blinded to see the truth because of his pride.
In addition to dramatic irony, Sophocles uses verbal irony to show that Oedipus doesn\’t want to accept the reality because his pride and the reality are against each other.
Besides dramatic and verbal irony, Sophocles carefully uses situational irony to reveal how Oedipus\’ pride and blindness cause him to the wrong direction.You will give an in-depth analysis of Sophocles’ use of ONE of the elements of literature in his play Oedipus Rex: Plot (inciting incident; rising action; turning points; climax; falling action; denouement); irony (verbal; dramatic; situational); foreshadowing (of the prophecy coming true; of Oedipus blinding himself; of Oedipus’ exile); or characterization (tragic flaw/s; protagonist/antagonist; static/dynamic; methods of characterization). You can analyze his use of this element in order to convey theme OR you can analyze his use of this element in general (how well/effectively it is used or what it adds to the play). You must include at least two pieces of literary criticism from a library database or a volume of literary criticism (NO OPEN INTERNET).Tips:Do not use the first person pronoun “I” anywhere in your paper.Although you are exploring the elements, don’t use the words “element” or “theme” in your analysis. In place of these words, use the ACTUAL theme and element.Take great care with verb tense; write about both the action in the play and the act of writing in the present tense.(Ex: Sophocles uses…; Oedipus insists…)Take care to cite the play correctly:Indicate line breaks using backslashes surrounding by spaces.
Use line numbers rather than page numbers in your parenthetical citations.Suggested Format:¶1: Intro:Brief introduction to the theme if you are addressing oneBrief introduction to the play: Make sure you include author, title, & dateThesis regarding Sophocles’ use of the element of literature you have chosen to analyze¶s 2-4: Body:Main points that support your claim: Give each its own ¶, topic sentence, support from the play, quotes from criticism, and explication on your part. Each ¶ should be a look at one facet of the element.¶5: Conclusion:Develop a ¶ that makes the purpose and relevance of the analysis clear. This could be an acknowledgement of what modern theater owes to Sophocles, a comment on the use of the element you have analyzed, or any other comment that effectively closes the paper.p.s. please use simple words and sentence structures for me to read and understand easily. no need to write complicatedly:)just uses one simple present tense for this essay; and use or develop more my thesis and topic sentences

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