Essay in response

Oceanside City lies on the shore of a bay that empties into the Pacific Ocean. Quality Disposal Company picks up garbage and trash from local businesses. Further inland, Recover Corporation collects radioactive waste from the local utility\’s nuclear power plant. On the other side of the bay, Seacoast Military Base stores chemical warfare supplies for disposal. Can Quality Disposal, Recover Corporation, or Seacoast Military Base dump their waste in the ocean?
There are 3 polluters analyze the appropriate situation and apply the appropriate law to each separately Guide to Applying Legal Reasoning to Any Situation
Essay Writing Guide
When responding to an assignment which requires an essay, please follow these guidelines.
Your essay should be of about 500 words, laid out in paragraphs of about 100 words each divided into about 5 -7 sentences.
Introduction – 1 paragraph
Main Section – 1-3 paragraphs
Conclusion – 1 paragraph
Sources – List
Do not forget to cite the URLs of information you included in your writing and to cite any printed material you include in your essay

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