Essay on producers in the music industry in World

1000 words for the paper and 500 words annotated bibliography on 5 sources
Please include 8 references and please uses the uts Harvard style guide for the references it is very important!!!!That\’s a group assessment. Only the part about producers has to be done.
on musical producers and one case study. the wiki is about the music industry so talk about the producers this days and the types what they are important what they do
Their role And a case ( example of a real person)
A famous one etcSee the pictures with the details attached.About the Wiki format:
Does it need to look exactly like a Wikipedia page?
Don’t be concerned about replicating every detail of the Wikipedia layout, it’s the content and quality of analysis is what will be assessed. The choice of the Wikipedia-like format is more about getting all the groups to work within a style of communicating that has become very familiar to us all. After all, Wikipedia is often the first place we go to now for information about a particular topic. If you look at the way that Wikipedia provides summaries of particular topics, it doesn’t go into a lot of detail, but it does highlight significant issues, players and events, and provides hyperlinks to complementary or more detailed information.

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