Evaluate how useful the conservative/liberal policy typology is to describe and analyze policy.

Review these sites to identify public policy at http://www.policyalmanac.org and http://www.library.vanderbilt.edu/search.php?all_query=public+policy. Be prepared to discuss.

· Review the Federal Register which keeps up-to-date information on the various policies for each government agency, how to use it to research policies and policy types, and keeping up with the Daily Journal of the United States at http://www.gpoaccess.gov/fr/, http://www.federalregister.gov/ and http://www.archives.gov/federal-register/tutorial/(Daily Journal of the United States). Be prepared to discuss.

Each question should contain references and obtain atleast 300 words

Discussion 1

“Analyzing Policy” Based on the lecture, respond to the following:

· Evaluate how useful the conservative/liberal policy typology is to describe and analyze policy. Suggest at least one recommendation for improvement.

· Analyze the benefits and shortcomings of labeling an idea, organization, or person as a liberal or conservative, and apply these benefits or shortcomings to what you see happening today with an example.

Discussion 2

Public Policy” Please respond to the following:

· Using the e-Activity, the student will respond to the following:

o Suggest a policy that would fit each policy type. Then, describe your experience doing this exercise: Was it easy to fit policies within one type, or did you experience difficulty finding a single category into which a policy will fit? Why do we use these typologies at all?

o Using the Daily Journal of the United States and your suggested policy, discuss any proposed and/or final rules, and presidential documents of the policy.

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