Evaluate the political, social, and ethical implications of this decision that was made in the public interest.

You are the recently appointed Budget Director of a nonprofit agency that provides assistance to the community. The Director has asked for your input on how to raise additional revenue for the Organization. You have narrowed your recommendation to two choices. One: A user fee for individuals who currently request assistance. These fees would be for individuals in predominately lower income areas and are currently without charge. Two: Plan a fundraiser dinner targeting a more affluent population including many politically influential individuals and several members of the state government. Considering all the budgetary, political, public, and ethical implications which option would you recommend and why? Be sure to cite to applicable theoretical and conceptual sources to support your line of recommendation.

Question 2:

Congratulations! The leader of your country/state/region recently signed into law a piece of legislation that you authored that requires the recycling of electronic waste as a way to protect the environment. Unfortunately, you discover that much of this electronic waste is being loaded into containers and placed on cargo ships heading for countries in the third world. Once they arrive, the containers are unloaded and child labor is utilized to take the small, but valuable, metals out of this electronic waste. In some instances, the electronic parts are melted down, thereby exposing the workers to hazardous chemicals, and some workers die. In the process, the land, water, and food supply also are being contaminated. Please evaluate the political, social, and ethical implications of this decision that was made in the public interes

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