Explain how the theory enriches your understanding of this business example.

Hello ! Our teacher asked us to write the coursework by using the following concepts( an example will be attached) : Perfect competition, Monopoly , Competing on Price, Competing with Capacity constraints, Product differitation , Information Goods, Value Ecosystems.

The Instructions From the teacher are :

– Identify and describe a real-world business example/case
– Connect this example with the given concepts ( Perfect Monopoly,….etc.); apply the theory to identify the mechanisms at play, highlight the tension present, and/or suggested likely outcomes;
– Explain how the theory enriches your understanding of this business example. You may highlight limitations of the theory or additional factors that should be taken into account.
-Be articulate and concise

Coursework assessment will be based on the following criteria:

– Use of interesting/original business examples
– Good mapping of examples to concepts
– Quality of analisys and synthesis
-Drawing meangful implications from the theory
-Understand the limitations of the theory
-Coherence and clarity of exposition

Please take to the note that my written English is equal to IELTS 6.5
Please don’t hesitate to ask me any questions
An example will be attached in Word – document soon
Added on 05.12.2015 18:49
Please, find attached an example of the coursework

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