Explain how your main idea supports your application and contributes to strengthening of individuals or society as a whole.

Your research project is a psychology research paper written on a subject chosen from the subject list below. The topics that are provided in this description are approved topics. If you choose to write on a topic other than the approved list you will need to receive instructors approval. The final product is a 1200 word research paper including, Cover page, thesis statement, in text citations, a minimum of 3 references, and 85% originality. The following parts of the project will be required for full credit. This project is worth 30% of your grade. Cover page and outline: Topic: Select from the topic listed below Title: Choose a title for your topic. Introduction: Write a thesis statement and a brief description of your paper. (Refer to the Thesis Statement link) Subtopics: You must include at least three subtopics. Rough Draft Introduction: Write a clear thesis statement and an introduction to the topic giving an overview of your study. Body: Break your topic into three parts. Write a clear explanation of each part, including in text citations that support the point you are attempting to make. Explain how your main idea supports your application and contributes to strengthening of individuals or society as a whole. Conclusion: Summarize the main points of your research and write a summary of your findings. Summarize the overall benefits for individuals and/or society. References must include three or more references. If the reference does not include an author and date of publication it can only be used for resources, but cannot be included in your reference. Do not use Wiki sources, or independent blogs. Most, if not all, your references should be taken from .org, .edu, .gov and must be research based. Final Revision Read instructor comments, correct your paper, and resubmit it to in the submission portal Format Use APA writing style for your paper: 12 point font Times New Romans or Arial Word for windows, pages for Mac or PDF only Double space On the main body include Title, Introduction (thesis staement), and subheadings Indent five spaces for each paragraph. Cite all research and strong statements at the end of the statement such as: (Feldman, 2009). If the citation is at the beginning of the sentence write in the following way: The study was supported be Feldman (2010) stating

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