Explain the data that should be included in a job analysis of that position.

Acquiring talented individuals is essential to an organization’s success. A recruitment process is used by human resources to find and attract job applicants to fill open positions. If the recruitment process is not done properly, it may generate job applicants who lack diversity or are unqualified. By having a specific sequence of activities to recruit high quality candidates, an organization can effectively compete for qualified applicants.

As the human resources professional, you are expected to work with the supervisor of the position being created to provide the technical competencies in candidate selection.

Research the process for filling a job vacancy and address the following:

List the sequence of activities that are involved in hiring a new employee, and give a brief explanation of each step.
Explain the data that should be included in a job analysis of that position.
Describe how a job analysis becomes a position description.
Describe how the human resources professional guides the selecting supervisor in applying good selection criteria, with consideration of U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) requirements to choose the best candidate

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