Final Exam/Reflection on the semester

File Types word document or rtf file
Respond to one question from each of the following sections in separate Essays (about 1 ½ pages each).Reflection on the semester
How has this semester affected your understanding of reading and writing skills?
What was the most useful thing you learned from this semester and why?
What would you change about the course if you were the instructor and why?
Remembering the concepts, styles, and processes
Choose one writing strategy covered this semester and discuss how a person can communicate their message using that method.
Outline the means of choosing the best words to communicate your message including why they are important.
Compare or contrast one of the following pairs: Reading and Writing, Paragraphs and Essays, two of the Brainstorming Techniques, or Revision and Editing.
Explain one of the following processes: studying, writing, or test preparation.
Explain one of the following concepts:
Please send me a copy by e-mail to avoid any issues with submissions. Final

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