Finance 100

Please review the topics provided in this weeks materials and complete this paper.Each person submits a three to four page paper (with extra exhibits) summarizing their topic. The paper should be structured as follows:Summary/overview of the principles or main ‘take-aways” regarding their topic.
Explanations of the specific sub-topics areas
Explanation of how this fits into Personal Finance and how one may use this topic in managing their personal funds.
Exhibits, charts, etc.
List of resources. (also can cite source in document) such as: according t0 Price Waterhouse Coopers, home prices have fallen 7% since May 2011.
Instructions: All papers must be professionally formatted and written. Single space, double space between paragraphs, bold headings (such as Summary), do not indent.Write the papers as if I am a client and have asked you to look into this thoroughly and explain it to me. This paper is a response to me explaining what I need to know and assume no prior knowledge so define terms that are used.

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