Hemingway and Indian Garden a Biographical Essay

Attached is the final project summary that I was given in class. This paper is a biographical analysis on Hemingway and his short story \”Indian Camp.\” My thesis should revolve around how Hemingway projected his own fears and life experiences through the three main characters: the Dr., the child Nick, and the Indian man who commits suicide.
The main connections I want in the body are: How Hemingway\’s wife was having a child at the time he was writing this, and he was terrified that she would not make it and that there was nothing he could do to alleviate her pain; how the Indian man killed himself because he could \”not stand it\” (and that Hemingway projecting his worst fears, of being weak/suicide, are projected on a Native american); how was first shielded from violence/blood, or whatever you want to call a C-section, but it was a useless effort because in the end, the boy witnessed violence/blood. Nick not being introduced to this concept through life (childbirth), but his first view was of death (the suicide); and how the Modernism movement promoted self-consciousness and reflection and linking how all of these themes in \”Indian Camp\” reflect Hemingway\’s own fears and doubts and how that is an aspect of Modernism.

Notes: Try to incorporate all of these topics in the essay but MAKE SURE that the link between Hemingway\’s biography/life and the analysis of the text itself stays relevant throughout the paper. I put 5 sources, but use as many as you think you need while writing this paper (as long as everything is justified and non common information is backed up with sources) also, using interviews or journals or anything by the actual author that could be relevant counts as a source as well. The link to Modernism is very important as well.

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