How and why does the human figure differ so dramatically from culture to culture?

2 pages, choose any topics. just make sure to follow the instructions carefully Your essay should include 8 fully identified works of art chosen from at least 5 of the cultures or periods listed below. (At least one work should be taken from periods 1 through 4, one from 5 through 8, and one from 9 through 13.)
Be sure to state your thesis clearly at the beginning of your essay, and to develop your thesis with reference to 8 different works of art.
Please remember that one of the topics will be randomly eliminated before the start of the exam, so you should be prepared to write an essay on any TWO of them. The use of notes during the exam will not be allowed.Topics
1. Art and Death.
2. Art as Propaganda. What is propaganda? And how did art serve as a tool of propaganda in different cultures and periods?
3. The Human Figure. We find radically different depictions of the human figure in the history of art, from the Venus of Willendorf to the Venus de Milo. How and why does the human figure differ so dramatically from culture to culture?
4. Representing the Divine in Art. How did various periods and cultures represent their god or gods? And how did they indicate that something was holy or spiritual? Could architecture express divinity?
5. Art and Narrative. How did the art of story-telling differ from culture to culture or period to period? Did certain periods or cultures place a higher value on narrative than others?
6. Art and Style. We think of art as an expression of cultural values. But often a single culture produces two or more distinct styles. Discuss four different cultures in which you can identify two distinct styles. Explain how those styles differed, and what forces or attitudes helped bring about two different styles in a single culture.see more details and required works of art attached

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