How does the company hold a dialogue with its customers?

There are three learning activities this week. Please respond to at least two from the three learning activities below and respond to at least two classmates’ postings. Be sure to include the learning activity number you are responding to. Use APA format for citations and include a reference list.

Topic 1: 

Share your preference for shopping – in stores or online. Analyze your favorite retailer and share your reasons for shopping there.

Describe the company’s market. What geographic, demographic, behavioral, or psychographic segments of the market is the company targeting?

How does the company hold a dialogue with its customers? Does the company maintain a customer database? If so, what kinds of information does it gather?

What would improve this retailer? Store atmospherics? Better website? Better merchandise? Better customer service? Better prices?

Topic 2: 

Think of a product that you recently purchased and the various media used to promote it, and the promotional mix? Do you agree with the current marketing strategy? Would you recommend changes to the mix, and what changes would you recommend? 

Topic 3: 

Discuss a recent ad or consumer promotion that you think was particularly effective. Using the knowledge you’ve gained from this chapter, try to come to consensus on what attributes contributed to the success of the ad or promotion. For instance: Was it persuasive? Informative? Competitive? Creative? Did it stimulate you to buy the product? Why?

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