How does this information affect your decision to major in this field and/or pursue a career in this field?

Writing in the Discipline—Research Report Write a researched, documented report about the writing done in your chosen major/career. Focus on the type of writing you will do in the field and examine the job prospects to determine if this is an appropriate major for you. For this paper, you will pull together two areas of research: Secondary Research into writing in your major/career from RCC catalog and website, and websites from other schools/businesses. All material must be documented, quoted and paraphrased correctly. Primary Research from interviews with a faculty member in your major and/or a professional in your field. If possible visit a place a class, seminar, or place of business in your discipline or view of film/presentation on your discipline. Present this observation as part of the paper. To report on this information, you will write in a general report formation with these sections as your headings. Introduction/Background—an explanation of what discipline you chose and why, who/what motivated you to choose this field, what kind of work is required, and introduce how writing is used in this field. Methods—a description of the methods and sources you used, as well as an explanation of the questions: Whom did you talk to? Why did you choose to interview him/her? What is this person’s expertise or qualifications? What other secondary sources did you find? What visit do you make? (if any) Results—a discussion of the findings from your secondary and primary research What did you learn about the discipline? What did you learn about writing in this field? What skills will be necessary for your discipline? What else did you learn from your research? Conclusion—How does this information affect your decision to major in this field and/or pursue a career in this field? Is it appropriate for you? The report should be at least 2.5 pages but no more than 5 pages. Your Works Cited or References page does not count as one of these pages, but you must include it at the end of your report. To document your paper, use the format typically used in your chosen field. Include in-text citations for all borrowed material and include a Works Cited page (if using MLA) or References page (if using APA)

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