How does this trend affect managerial accounting?

Part of your grade is a write up about a trend that you think has an impact on accounting and might provide a career opportunity. Here is an excerpt from the syllabus regarding this write up:

“At the end of the semester I will ask you to provide written feedback on a recent trend that you think has an effect on managerial accounting. This assignment is intended for you to think about how changes affect accounting and to identify potential career opportunities. A two page write-up is sufficient.

In this write-up, please address the following questions:

What is the change or trend that you have identified?
How does this trend affect managerial accounting?
What solution do you propose and how could this solution provide career opportunities?”

The write up should be around 2 pages.

Examples of recent trends include a wider use of IT. More processes are measured. These process measures could be used for incentive plans or as part of a balanced scorecard. Career opportunities could be experts who identify how to include these measures.

The goal of this exercise is to get you to think about your future career. You will go far if you a) become an expert at something and b) have novel ideas or approaches that others have not considered. It is never to early to get you into the mindset of generating novel approaches and anticipating a market of solutions to the problems of tomorrow. Also it is never to early to immerse yourself into a subject area to become an expert.

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