How might you apply this to architecture visualization?

Architecture Modeling and Visualization

Supporting Activity: Modeling Diagram

Write a 50- to 150-word response to the following:

Pick one of the following systems, list the major components or functions, and describe in an appropriate diagram how these components are connected together.

An automated teller machine (ATM)

A DVD movie automated dispensing machine

A customer relationship management software

Supporting Activity: Dynamic View

Write a 50- to 100-word response to the following question:

Document the dynamic view of the system in the previous supporting activity in a sequence diagram.

Software Engineering: Documenting Software Architectures

Write a 50- to 100-word response to the following questions:

3 Acquire and install a system that uses effect visualizations, such as Rapide, LTSA, or MTAT. Find a partner and have each of you model a small system using these tools. Trade systems and see how the effect visualizations can be used to help understand each other’s models.

4Choose one or more architectural visualizations not described here and evaluate it using the evaluation rubric presented in the chapter. What are their strengths and weaknesses?

5. Choose an architecture modeling notation and construct a simple novel visualization for it. For example, develop a simplified graphical editor that focuses only on a few kinds of elements, or use a translation technology such as XSLT to transform a complex textual depiction into something more readable.

6. Identify an unusual user interface feature (depiction, interaction, or both) that you have seen outside the context of architecture visualizations—perhaps in another application, a Web interface, or a video game. How might you apply this to architecture visualization? Would it be an improvement or a hindrance?

7 What is a visualization? What two key elements comprise a visualization?

8. Identify a notation that is supported by two different visualizations (for example, a graphical and textual visualization). Model a system of your choosing, such as Lunar Lander, in both visualizations. Compare and contrast the experiences, and note especially what kinds of information were easy, hard, or impossible to capture in either

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