How much time is involved in completing the process for each technique? Explain.

In 500–750 words, give an explanation of how the first 3 types of mapping listed above would be applied to the following crime scene.
Officer McBetts has to map the following crime scene:
A bedroom is 10 by 12 feet (12 feet north and south, 10 feet east and west). A dresser is in the middle of the north wall.
The bed is in the middle of the west wall, facing east.
The television is on the east wall. The door to the bedroom is on the east wall ( the TV is southeast, and the door is northeast, with 2 feet between them. The entry door is 2 feet from the northeast corner.
A chair is located on the south wall next to the picture window. The chair is south east and 3 foot from the southeast corner.
Consider the accuracy of the different interior-mapping techniques.
How much time is involved in completing the process for each technique? Explain.
Next, choose 1 of the 3 interior-mapping methods, and make a map using the cell grids in MS Excel.
Put a border around the main room and small borders where each individual object is located (3 rectangular cells equal one square).
Note: Copying and pasting the Excel document into a MS Word document does not count as one page of the writing section.
Be sure to reference all sources using APA style.

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