How would you suggest that we as a country address the problem?

250 words each. Need it by the October 22nd, 8pm

1- American corporations attempt to reduce their effective tax rates by setting up shop in foreign tax havens. Aside from the cost to the U.S. Treasury in lost revenue, what other economic consequences are there for the United States from this activity?

2- What is the opportunity cost of a corporation using its own money to develop a new device that will cut the cost of refining crude oil into gasoline by 50%?

3- Is there an opportunity cost to the United States of avoiding expenditures for public works projects such as new roads, repairing infrastructure, constructing new schools, airports and so on so that the federal budget can be balanced? What is that cost(s)?

4- what is the biggest economic problem facing the United States today? How would you suggest that we as a country address the problem? Be specific using the tools you have learned in this class

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