Human Resource Management Assessment 1

the topic is \”flexibility in the work place\”
Human Resource Management Assessment 1
Across Australia and globally, the nature and practice of Human Resource Management (HRM) is in
a constant state of evolution as organisational forms, management standards, labour markets and
whole economies shift, adapt and change. These changes have created a number of challenges
concerning the way that people are managed within organisations. In order for you to gain a deeper
comprehension concerning the ways in which internal and external environments influence HRM
practices, your task is to undertake an analysis of an evolving trend within the discipline of HRM.
Your task requires you to select from one of the following HR themes and complete a 1300 word critical analysis of the trend. Possible trends include:Flexibility in the workplace
Paid parental leave
Enterprise bargaining
Equity and diversity in the workforce Skills shortages
Subcontracting and precarious labour
Globalisation, outsourcing, and skilled migration
A trend related to HRM theme that you negotiate with your tutor
Your critical analysis will have the following structure:1. An introduction of approximately 300 words, which defines the trend and outlines its emergenceand impact on HRM practices within Australia (and globally if relevant).2. A body section that critiques academic literature discussing the issue, its emergence, and possiblesolutions or implications for the future. The body should be up to 1200 words, and will referenceacademic literature (a minimum of six peer-reviewed articles related to the theme should be used inthis section).3. A concluding section of approximately 200 words, which summarizes the arguments present in thepaper.A critical review may adopt the generic structure of an essay or report, but may include figures and tables if necessary.

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