Identify a working bibliography of five (or more) significant sources.

Your final paper will be an extended analysis of an object or issue that fits into one of the topics covered in class as related to Jewish identity (literature, music, dance, film, food, language, memory, national identity, etc.). While you may wish to probe more deeply into one of the items we have discussed in class, such as Kosher By Design, or JDub Records, we encourage you to try something new that you find particularly appealing, intriguing, or controversial.

For Nov. 6, please submit a proposal (two pages plus bibliography) for the paper you intend to write. The purpose of this proposal is to demonstrate that you have a clear plan for your paper, that you have started finding materials for your paper, and that you can complete it successfully in the time remaining.

Please prepare your proposal as follows in two parts:

I. PROPOSAL (two paragraphs):

Paragraph 1: identify your topic and the specific object/issue you will be analyzing (such as a piece of music, dance, art, a magazine, a literary work, a controversy, a television show, etc.).
Paragraph 2: discuss:
why you have chosen your object/issue
how a discussion of this object/issue will be appropriate as the final paper for this course
how you will go about researching this issue

Identify a working bibliography of five (or more) significant sources. Of these sources, two
must come from course readings, and three (or more) must come from outside sources.
Remember sources can include books, essays, film, music, videos, personal interviews, and
websites. (Note that you may use and cite Wikipedia for your final paper, but it will not count as a significant source for this proposal: instead, use Wikipedia to find significant sources).
Create a properly formatted bibliography using Chicago Manual of Style formatting. See for assistance: look under the
“Author-Date” tab.

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