Identify a job you are interested in knowing about.

HR homework

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It would be easy for you to take an existing job description and turn that in. That will have no learning value for you. In a world where work is changing, the ability to identify and skillfully describe a job is a marketable skill. This job description will also be utilized for some future application assignments. You are free to use your own job, if you are employed, but I would prefer if you would use another job. Here is how the assignment would be ideally done.

1. Identify a job you are interested in knowing about. It would be good if there is a person in the job who is willing to talk to you about the job. However, you could opt to define a new job, one that does not exist (although the assignment will be slightly more difficult), if you prefer.
2.Using the job analysis approach discussed in your text, conduct an interview with the person in the job (or ask these questions about the job you are considering for this assignment). They may offer you a copy of their job description—that is ok, but do your own version first—if you want to compare afterwards you can. But turn in what you have done. The ideal situation would be to find somebody who doesn’t have a job description and would like one.

3. Use the information you have collected and the tips in section 4.1 of your text to help construct the job description. At the least, you are to have the following items:
·Reports to
·Duties and responsibilities
·Terms of employment
·Qualifications needed

4.Submit both your job description and job analysis to the assignments area in Word forma

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