Identify one emerging country and discuss why Marxism might be an attractive option for that country and its leaders.

Marxism Today – Political Thought


Karl Marx is considered the father of communism. His writings and economic policies have influenced leaders from V.I. Lenin and Ma Tse-tung, to more modern leaders like Fidel Castro and leaders of other emerging nations. The core ideas of Karl Marx and Communism remain prominent in modern China, North Korea, and other Communist countries. His most famous work is The Communist Manifesto, written in conjunction with Friedrich Engels. Marx and Engels called for the “workers of the world to unite” in arms against the ruling bourgeoisie class (the capitalists). Marx argues that capitalism will eventually destroy itself.

Adam Smith is widely known as the father of capitalism. His work, “A Wealth of Nations” described how an “invisible hand” would guide an economy to prosperity. Smith believed that when producers (capitalists) pursue their own self-interest it will indirectly promote the good of society as a whole. His capitalist society is one where the free market reigns with limited (if any) regulation. This is the laissez-faire approach.

Alexis de Tocqueville was a French politician and writer who visited America in the early 19th century. From his visits to America he ultimately produced his most famous writing, the two volume Democracy in America. In this, he explores the ideas of democracy and equality and how these themes shape American culture.


Emerging nations are generally defined as those countries working to become industrialized (such countries include Cuba, Indonesia, Nigeria, India, etc…). Research and identify one emerging country and discuss why Marxism might be an attractive option for that country and its leaders. In addition, based on your readings and understanding of Tocqueville, how might he view that country if he were to visit it today.

This paper should be 2 pages of complete content (cover page and reference page are separate) and have in-text citations. The paper will be in APA style (both in formatting the paper and reference page). One scholarly article as a minimum should be included in the paper

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