Identify statistical software your team will use to run your statistical analysis (i.e., EXCEL; SPSS).

In this assignment students will go through the steps to set up a quantitative research study. The Instructor will divide the class into groups to complete the assignment.  Each group should submit 1 report.


Step #1: Topic selection:In The “Topic Selection – Assigment Drop Box In Weekly Module 4 and in the Assignment Folder), add your topic and the name of the data set you plan to use for your quantitative research assignment for Instructor approval. Students are required to use one of the data sets in Course Content (in Week 6).



Step #2: Part 1: Quantitative data analysis design

Using the topic approved by the Instructor, class teams should:

a.)    Select a topic (as a team) and state the hypothesis

b.)    Conduct a literature review on the selected topic and summarize at least five scholarly sources

c.)   Select one of the data sets in Week 6 your team plans to use to conduct a statistical analysis

d)     Identify relevant variables (two or more) and justify your choices

e)    Work as a team to choose the statistical method you plan to use for your analysis (Refer to content in week 3 on Biostatistics for information on various statistical methods you can choose from)

f)     Identify statistical software your team will use to run your statistical analysis (i.e., EXCEL; SPSS)



State the topic  
Identify the hypothesis 10 points
Literature Review (1 – 2 pages) 15 points
Health care data set description. Include a description of the data, i.e. sampling frame (One paragraph description. Students are required to use one of the data sets available in Course Content> week 6.) 25 points
Indicate your variables of interest and justify your choice.  At least two variables (or more) required (1 -2 paragraph description of the variables you selected and why.) 15 points
Indicate the software and statistical analysis method you plan to use in Assignment #3 (1 -2 paragraph description of the statistical method is required; One paragraph description of the software is required.) 20 points


compelte this section only

Writes clearly, concisely, and with few errors. APA format is followed. Citations are used. Clearly presents material graphically. Easy to understand

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