International Business discussion board replies for students.

International Business discussion board replies for students


Post a substantive written response to 2 other classmates’ threads. Your response must identify specific weakness(es) as well as note the strengths of the post. By identifying a weakness (content based, not a spelling/grammatical aspect), you display the critical thinking skills required in a graduate course. Refrain from making statements like “I really couldn’t find a weakness to your thread but the assignment required it . . . ’’+ an insubstantial critique, as this is your chance to help your peer write stronger in their future threads. You should put as much time into your reply phase as you do your thread. The strongest scores on that portion are reserved for those replies that incorporate specific evidence rather than making opinion-based statements. Please maintain the proper tone in your critique by addressing the issues instead of attacking the person.

2 replies of at least 200 words each. For your 2 replies, you must incorporate a minimum of 2 different resources citing them in current APA format. You may use the textbook, scholarly journals, the Bible, and governmental websites.

The First Student You are responding to- Monica Fields

Middle East and North America (MENA) covers all the Middle Eastern countries and the Maghreb countries; MENAs region is extended from Morocco to Iraq. The population in MENAs region alone includes about 355 Million people which is about 6 percent of the entire world’s population. (WBG, 2015.)

Pan-Arabism was an advocacy group in the Middle East that was mainly aiming to help rebuild the culture and political unity within the Arab nations throughout the Middle East countries. (IFCJ, 2015.) Pan-Arabism main focused was not the economic integration of the Arab Nations but only on how they could bring the nations back together and they thought that in doing this that it would some home work together in rebuilding the Arab nation’s economy. Although, unity is never a bad thing it was not the root of the Middle Eastern nation’s problem which caused more issues.

Pan-Arabism plans brought weaker bonds in integration, lower political and economic development, ethnic divisions, severe division among the Islamic culture, and most important a lack of security throughout the Arab nations. (Lynch, 2010. Pg.205) The lack of success in the Arab nations are mostly because of the protectionism and a lack of liberalization within the region’s economies, region economies that do not complement one another, underdeveloped political systems, and continuous political and security division among and within the nations.

MENA noninvolvement with the World Trade Organization (WTO) is partly the reason for their lack in integration. MENA not participating in global and regional trading caused their countries to lack in the finances that is needed to build a stabilized economy and governments. MENA has government officials that are secretive and corrupt only looking out for royal families and high ranking individuals, leaving the rest of the economy poor. In the Middle East there is more than 20 million unemployed men and women with the population increasing steadily each year. Due to the large numbers of unemployed individuals it cause animosity among the nations because their economy and political systems is severely under built. (WBG, 2013.)

The largest Christian community is the Egyptian ethnoreligious community of Copts. The Copts is decreasing due to the number of attacks that they endure from the Islamic nations. The Copts suffered their churches being bombed, set on fire, and many killings that made them feel as if their lives were in danger. Although, the Coptic community endured numerous hardships they have no intentions on stopping their outreach no matter the cost. The Coptic Church has more than 550 churches outside of Egypt. This challenge on trying to spread this outreach is very difficult due to them being ill-equipped.


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The second student you are responding to- Nicholas Driver

Why lack of economic integration between Middle East and North Africa (MENA):

With Pan-Arabism and the establishment of the Arab League in 1945, some form of economic bond between the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) should have been established and ultimately sustained. Due to a variety of factors, however, this unfortunately has not come to fruition. (1) Low levels of economic and political development, (2) ethnic divisions, (3) strong divisions between branches of Islam, and (4) a lack of security in the region have each individually (and quite severely) deteriorated the promising economic integration intended by the aforementioned missions (Lynch, 2010, p. 205). The lack of economic integration isn’t speculative either. “Empirical analysis shows that Arab trade with the rest of the world is low and remains below foreign trade of countries with similar levels of development and per capita income” (Romagnoli, 2008).

In general, protectionism and a lack of liberalization within the region’s economies have also been a primary blame for the lack of economic integration in MENA. Their regional economies also fail to assist one another to be optimally effective. The underdeveloped political systems and continued political division creates leadership that pulls countries in different directions rather than with a single, unified goal (Lynch, 2010, p. 205). The United Arab Republic (UAR) was formed by Syria and Egypt in 1958 with the intent to help unify the MENA; however, political division between the states nudged Syria out of the UAR. These instance of disunity cannot foster a prosperous joining of economies.

MENA nation’s noninvolvement with WTO:

MENA’s poor performance is obvious and can be partially accredited to their lack of involvement in the World Trade Organization (WTO). With high tariff barriers continuously in force and on-going political and security issues still running amuck, MENA’s delay of entering into the WTO has potential to explain the reasons for poor trade performance of the Arab countries (Romagnoli, 2008). MENA has since recognized that their lack of involvement in super economic power markets are hurting their opportunities for accelerated economic development. As MENA progresses, they appear to be gravitating towards joining the EU (Péridy, 2012). With EU membership, they will have access to privileged industrial markets that will help resolve many of the reasons why economic integration fails to exude a dominating presence within MENA. A strong economic will help blend political visions during development and generate a more nationalism embrace rather than a focus on ethnic/religious division.

Christian Community in MENA (increasing/decreasing):

As the world’s largest Christian television broadcasting network, Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) helps to spread the gospel throughout the globe. Unfortunately, TBN cannot overcome the outstretched hand the MENA holds out to prevent Christians from influencing their citizens. The disproportion between Christian and Muslim birth rates as well as Christian persecution in the Middle East, however, have signaled that Christianity is decreasing. “Muslims as opposed to Christians are strongly against competition” (Er, 2008). Although Christians have tried ministering in the MENA, Muslims and Islamic radicalisms have persecuted and shooed out those that try to bring Christianity to those open to the gospe

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