Is it a fashion trend, coming and going, or more permanent?

see those information in attachments and I have a work so far but my tutor said its not good, that just have a look of my work and the tutor work, you may chose your own topic, but please inform me when you have an topic. I will need you to send me draft when i require, at the moment i just need you to do the in the attachment student pdf page 13. just briefly to give me a little talk coz i have a tutorial on monday, no need to write a actualy thousand or more words to describe it, will let you know you need to do the next step.
Added on 21.11.2015 14:27
the minimalism.doc is the work i done so far, but its totally wrong direction and i got some feedback from my tutor:
I”m concerned as this is a completely new subject to the ones discussed in previous sessions – i”ll get Paul to arrange a meeting with you to help with the structuring of this.
There is no bibliography and you fail to cite any references in your work. You need to check with the University”s Harvard guidelines that you understand how to do this. A member of staff in the library will be able to help if unsure.
Be careful about what you are using as examples of minimalism. Early writing probably should be avoided – this wasn”t a consciousness minimal approach. Minimalism is a design approach.
Look more closely at modernism and it”s influence today – it it (and it”s message of minimalism) dominant today? is it a fashion trend, coming and going, or more permanent?
Modernism could be better introduced – by using sources and quotes.
Define what minimalism is – we need to make sure we are clear. Find a quote.
your case studies are currently unclear and a bit muddled. They could be: 1) Minimalism and sustainability 2) Minimalism and luxury 3) Minimalism and value.
There is currently no analysis section – make sure you include one which makes the connections between case studies in an effort to answer your central question.
***********please do not use high class english word within this assignment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!***********************
please do me a favor that to provide me a topic, small introduction, aim and objective and three case studies will be used within this project. (have a look of the student.pdf page 5 P.6 and P.13)
Added on 23.11.2015 17:23
please see the feedback of my tutor, you can create a new draft with the idea from the voice.rar, but please try to follow the way my tutor says and not to copy my work as my work is totally wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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