IT 600 Final Project

Professor instruction are below and the task details alone with supporting files are attached!Following my instructor’s expectations on final project:
“I’d like to make a clarification post on what I am expecting for the final project. I like to do this to give you plenty of time to have this critical project spot-on.

First, you can and should use all the projects you’ve created up to this point. You’ve been evaluating the current os of the company, TSI (Top Secret Inc.) OS, and by now you’ve found the many problems with this current OS.

Your milestones are the problems, so a good two thirds of your project is done, you just need to move your information into a paper instead of the tables you’ve submitted up to this point.

Once you’ve discussed all the key points of TSI OS, select and describe an operating system that will take care of these problems. It doesn’t have to be anything special made: Ubuntu, Windows (specify version) or OSX (also specify version) might do, but they key here is JUSTIFY YOUR CHOICE! Tell me exactly why, for example, Windows 10 is better at reducing deadlocks (or is it) than TSI OS.
The following are the details you’ll need to be sure the paper includes:
1. A properly formatted APA title page.
Your entire paper should be near-perfect APA as this is a graduate course and knowing how to properly format is an important issue. If you are concerned or not sure about APA, Google “SAMPLE APA PAPER”. The one at OWL by SHAW is an excellent example.
2. Properly formatted and cited APA references.
A subpar paper will have 3 to 5, a decent paper 5 to 10, and a great paper 10 or more.
References add credibility to your work so use them often. In this case you can cite many web sites as that is where the majority of your information will come from. While not normally ok in academic work, I do allow the use of Wikipedia because it often contains the most recent information (try to back it up though. It’s better to go to wiki then look at the pages the article references and see if you can use one of those). I expect at least 5 references in this project to set a minimum.
3. I look more for content, but your paper should be at least 10 pages in length, not counting the title and references. It should be double spaced and in Times New Roman, 12 point as per APA.

The rubric lays out all the critical elements I’m looking for in 8 sections. Those would make good titles for each section of your paper.

The prompt should not state that milestone 3 repost is acceptable for this final project, it is not. Your final paper is 250 points and so should be a detailed, lengthy paper.

As for unknowns about the organization, it is ok to make assumptions. Some things are not spelled out so it is ok for you to decide (for example if they have multiple data centers) just be sure to explain that in your paper. Remember, the #1 purpose and priority of this project is for me to see you understand a good deal about operating systems, and by pointing out the weaknesses in TSI os and how another OS can correct them you’ll have done that (or if you are going to have a staff re-write TSI justify that).”Please refer the final project guideline and rubric plus other three of my documents.
Thank you

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