Janson Medical Clinic

Before you begin your assignment, click here to read the case study on Janson Medical Clinic.http://content.learntoday.info/B360_Summer_13_Update/site/Media/JansonMedicalClinic_CaseStudy.pdfApply the knowledge that you\’ve acquired throughout this module and write a 1–2 page narrative with an introduction and conclusion analyzing the Janson Medical Clinic. Be sure to address the following in your paper:Questions to be AddressedWhat conclusions do you reach from the satisfaction survey results?
What implications would this have to improve process design?
Propose some process improvements and develop redesigned processes along with new process map.
How will your suggestions address the sources of dissatisfaction that customers cited?
Your paper must include 2 credible online sources that relate to the organizational management processes presented in this case study. Use standard APA format to cite these sources.

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