Key Learning Speech and 1 paragraph on children engaged in multiliterate practices – 700 words

1st part:
Prepare a 500 words speach to represent your key learning from this unit.This presentation should be planned and delivered in formal spoken English but it should also be personalised and not just a rehearsed summary of the unit outline.It should be a clear synthesis of the most important learning you have done over the semester.You are not expected to cover all content but you are expected to provide a clear and concise synthesis of your developing knowledge about Language and Literacy for Teachers and the significance of the content for you.
These are the topics she studied: Topic 1: What is LanguageTopic 2: Context, Shared Meaning and InteractionTopic 3: EnglishesTopic 4: Language and CultureTopic 5: Understanding Oral LanguageTopic 6: Development and TalkTopic 7: Australian Curriculum and Early Years Learning FrameworkTopic 8: LiteracyTopic 10: Children\’s LiteratureTopic 11: Learning to WriteTopic 12: Multiliteracies
Just write on them briefly and please add references.2nd Part:
the second part I need help with is this..Read and View the following: 5 images which demonstrate your understanding of “children engaged in multiliterate practices”.Justify your choices in 1 paragraph(200 words).
Images should be Australian, please add references. An example is in attachments.

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