law and literature.

law and literature.


The paper is to be an analysis using at least three reliable sources (2 of

which must be scholarly or academic) in addition to one or more of the literary works we

have discussed in the course. Your analysis, which is to be 1,700-2000 words in length,

can take any of a number of shapes. Here are some suggestions:

a. Comparison/contrast of one of the works we read or approved by me with a

film version.

b. An argument in which you use sources to advance a particular observation or

theory in more than one work (for example, you may examine a particular

time period and attitudes towards attorneys and the law or you may greatly

expand on a topic discussed in our readings.

c. Comparison/contrast of one of the works we read or approved by me or one of

the films we watched or approved by me with the actual legal case upon

which the work is based.

d. An argument in which you support or refute one of the arguments in a

scholarly article approved by me which relates to ideas discussed in class or

text read and discussed in class.

(Papers must show correct use of MLA format

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