“Logitech: Finding Success through Innovation and Acquisition”.

2000 words
here are the instructions:
• read the case study
• NO introduction and no conclusion
• 4 questions so 500 words each question
• Answer from a strategic perspective.
The following questions are based on the case “Logitech: Finding Success through Innovation and Acquisition”. 1)Describe the company’s internal strengths, capabilities, and core competencies. Does Logitech have any weaknesses that can impact its ability to compete in the future?
2)What are the trends and conditions in the external environment that will have a dominant influence on the firm’s strategic actions? In what ways (if any) should Logitech change its strategic direction?
3)What are the advantages of Logitech’s first mover and acquisition strategies? What are the risks?
4)Devise recommendations to prepare Logitech for impending technological and environmental shifts that threaten the company’s future. What steps are necessary to defend against anticipated competitive behavior from the firm’s key rivals?

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