Marketing Improvement (Language Review)

Purpose of the language review gate
• To improve the students Final Report writing by creating an English gate that’s associated with a grade before the Final Report is handed into the Business Advisor
• This is your finish project report you’ll hand into your BA
Benefits of Language Review gate
• Allows the student to provide a better written report to your Business Advisor
• This documents represents your degree
• Linking concepts from your English classesThe Language Review Gate grades your report in three areas: APA Style (4%), Grammar/Mechanics (7%), and
• Spelling/Typographical Errors (4%). Below are some resources to help with definitions, examples, and
• exercises showing common errors:
• Editing and Proofreading
• Mechanics
• Grammar
• Punctuation
• APA 6th Edition
• Review will be completed using Blackboard and Turnitin
• Language Reviewer assigns gradeEnglish Prof’s review process
• A minimum of 45 minutes is spent on each paper
• Certain student documents had more pages reviewed than others
• In cases where the paper was well‐written, more pages could be reviewed
• For documents that weren’t as well written, more time was required to add comments, hence not as many pages could be reviewed
• The English Prof makes sure to grade enough of the paper to get an understanding of the language and
• style so that the student could receive adequate feedback for revision before handing it into their Business Advisors.
• Appendixes are not reviewed.Details
• Must use MS Word
• Single spacing, 12 Calibri Font
• Minimum white space
• Students upload their document for review through Blackboard into Turnitin
• Good to check your document for plagiarism so you can properly adjust your document with references
• Failure to upload document though Turnitin before due date (‐15%)
• Turnitin similarity percentage rate too high (‐10%)
• There is no set ‘%’ of similarity to aim for; you want to keep it as low as possible
• Failure to follow the exact document naming convention (‐2%)
• Failure to follow the exact subject line naming convention (‐2%)
• Explaining an acronym is part of good writing
• An acronym should be used after the first time a phrase was used
• If the acronym is not explained, then the reader will not have a clear understanding of what is trying to be communicated
• While it is not a major grammatical error, it definitely will have an impact on your gradePLEASE SEE THE ATTACHMENET
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